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Getting to Choquequirao is quite a feat since you can only get there walking for 2 days on a regular excursion, but if you are in good physical condition you could get there in up to 1 day and a half. In this blog, we will tell you the two ways how you can get to this beautiful archaeological site and enjoy your trip to Choquequirao to the fullest.

1.- Choquequirao on your own


This is the cheapest way to get to Choquequirao, however, it is not the most recommended since you have to organize your trip for four days.
(two days out and two back). Below I will describe how you can get to Choquequirao on your own.
The first thing is to take a transport from Cusco to Abancay very early, but at km 154 you must get off and take the detour to the town of San Pedro de Cachora. This place will be the starting point for Choquequirao (San Pedro de Cachora is a small town in the province of Abancay, Apurímac Region).
From San Pedro de Cachora you will have to take a bus to the Capuliyoc viewpoint (this route can also be done on foot in approximately 2 hours) in this place you can take a short break to start the long descent until you reach Rosalina Beach, This place will be where you will spend the night, but if you still have energy, I advise you to take a short break and then continue to the Santa Rosa camp. We recommend that you get to Santa Rosa to avoid mosquito bites since Rosalina Beach is just a few meters from the Apurímac River.
The next day you will have to wake up very early to avoid the suffocating heat of the day and be able to reach Marampata, this time the path will be ascending until you reach the Marampata spa. When you arrive at this spa you can make a stop to have lunch and recharge your batteries. From this point to Choquequirao, it is only an hour’s walk. I recommend that you make a brief tour in Choquequirao and then return to the town of Marampata and spend the night or if you prefer you can also spend the night in a camp that is very close to Choquequirao
The next day you can again enter the archaeological site and visit the remaining sites of Choquequirao for the rest of the day. You can not miss visiting the main square and its surroundings and the terraces where you can see the cameos represented in stone requires an extra effort, but it is worth it!).
After touring Choquequirao and enjoying the scenery, you must take the return path along the same route you came from. I suggest you leave Choquequirao early so that you arrive at the Chiquisca camp, in this place it will be the last night where you will spend the night. The next morning you will have to return to the return path. It is recommended that you do this last section as early as possible because it will be an ascent path until you reach the Capuliyoc viewpoint. When you reach the viewpoint you must take a bus back to Santiago de Cachora. In Cachora you can take a break and then take transport to Abancay to take the bus to the city of Cusco.

2.- Choquequirao by Agency

Through the Agency, the walk to Choquequirao will be simpler because they will organize the entire tour for you and you will only take care of enjoying the landscapes on the way to the archaeological site. There are different packages that include transportation, guidance, food, porters, camping equipment, etc. You just have to choose the one that suits you best and doesn’t forget to hire a duly authorized agency.

Road Map to Choquequirao

Recommendations for your trip to Choquequirao

  1. Bring trekking poles and good trekking shoes.
  2. Light clothes for the day and warm clothes for the night.
  3. Take nuts and candy for the road.
  4. Bring a water purifier.
  5. Sunscreen and mosquito repellent.
  6. Wear a cap or hat.
  7. Camping equipment
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