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CHOQUEQUIRAO is an archaeological site that has been discovered, a little-known and precarious place that is regularly visited by national and foreign tourists. Choquequirao is also known as the sacred sister of Machu Picchu. Therefore, it is a large archaeological complex with buildings, temples, and terraces, in addition to being located on top of a mountain. In addition to the archaeological site of Choquequirao throughout the journey, you will be able to appreciate beautiful landscapes and a great variety of unique flora and fauna in the world.
In this guide, you will learn how to get to the last Inca refuge and we will give you some tips for a smooth trip.

Where it is located?


The Archaeological site of Choquequirao is located in the Vilcabamba mountain range, which is part of the Andes in southeastern Peru.
The monument is located on one side of the Qorihuayrachina mountain, on the right bank of the Apurimac River.
Its geographic coordinates from the Greenwich meridian are 72°53′ west longitude and 13°32′ south latitude.
Politically it is located in the jurisdiction of the District of Santa Teresa, Province of La Convección, Cusco Region, Peru.

How high is it?

Choquequirao is located between the jungle and the Peruvian Andes, it is located on a mountain with an altitude of 3,033 meters, it has a great characteristic: it can only be accessed on foot, 62 kilometers round trip and descending sections, from 3100 to 1400 and vice versa.

How to get to Machu Picchu?

To get to the archaeological site of Machu Picchu you have to choose between two options, basically, the choice is to do it on your own and the other is to hire an authorized agency. Whatever the way to get to Choquequirao, below we detail the two ways to get to Choquequirao.

On their own

Making the trek to Choquequirao on your own is a good alternative, however, you will be committed to putting together your own itinerary and getting transportation and food since the regular crossing to Choquequirao is 4 days, however, you can do this tour in three days but you have to be in good physical condition.

By Agency

It is the simplest way to trek to Choquequirao, the agencies have everything organized such as transportation, porters, food, guidance, etc. makes this journey unique for every traveler who visits the archaeological complex of Choquequirao.

Best time to travel to Choquequirao

The best time to visit this archaeological complex is from April to October, during this period it is the dry season and it is recommended to take this walk.

What to take on your trip to Choquequirao

It is essential to bring sunscreen as well as a repellent and some glasses and a cap or hat to cover the head would not hurt. In addition to your camping equipment (flashlight, tent, kitchen utensils, medicines, purification tablets, rain poncho, ventilated clothing, and a coat), don’t forget to bring trekking shoes, of course, a good camera and extra money.

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