Maukallaqta is known as the old city, the name comes from the Quechua language and is made up of pre-Hispanic constructions, mainly stone and mud constructions. Its remains testify to the existence of the Wari culture, which fulfilled the functions of ritual, habitation and administration. It has pre-Hispanic constructions located on the hillside within its territory. Location:
Maukallaqta is located in the Apurimac Canyon Basin in the province of Paruro, district of Paccarectambo, Cusco region, 285 km from the city of Cusco.

How to get to Maukallacta


Maukallacta on your own

Getting to Maukallacta on your own will really be quite a challenge. The first thing is to leave very early to take the bus from Cusco to Yaurisque that is located on Av. Belempampa, the bus trip will be approximately 1 hour, when you arrive in Yaurisque you can have breakfast and buy some items that are needed, then you must take a transport to the town of Mollebamba, from this place you will have to walk to the archaeological complex of Maukallacta which will take approximately 1 hour depending on the pace you go.
For the return you will only have to take the same path.

Maukallacta by Agency

Visiting Maukallacta through an agency will be a good alternative since you will not worry about transportation, food and guidance since all this will be taken care of by the travel agency and you will only have to enjoy the landscape, ancient towns and the archeology of Maukallacta that awaits you. you.

Best time to visit Maukallacta

In general, in the mountains of Peru, the best time to visit the different archaeological and natural sites is from April to October, since they are dry months where there is no rain and they are conducive to a smooth trip.

Attractions in Maukallacta

In this impressive archaeological site we can see some Kallankas (rectangular constructions), where the nobles used to worship the dead. Its architectural structure is made of limestone, this impressive place has double jamb stone doors, two-level rooms, ceremonial fountains, water channels, it is really a work of exquisite architecture and engineering, they are built by platforms, retaining walls, waqas among others.
maukallaqta paruro

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