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Surrounded by spectacular landscapes and paths, Choquequirao is considered the sacred sister of Machu Picchu. You cannot miss living a great travel experience to one of the archaeological wonders located on top of a mountain, perfect for anyone who wants to live a true adventure and visit the last Inca citadel.

Choquequirao entrance ticket rates


Choquequirao has differentiated prices for national and foreign tourists, which we will see below.
Price for National Tourists
Adults in general 40 soles
Higher or non-higher education students 25 soles
Children up to 12 years old 15 soles.
Children under 3 years old do not pay
Price for Foreign Tourists
Adults in general 15 dollars
Students $10
Children up to 12 years of 5 dollars.
Children under 3 years old do not pay

Tickets must be booked in advance

Entrance tickets to Choquequirao are not reserved on any web platform. The purchase of tickets is face-to-face before entering the archaeological site.

What to bring to Choquequirao

If you travel to Choquequirao on your own, you need to bring the following:
Food: You must take food for four days, edible things that do not present much weight. Buy nuts, snacks, and water
Documents: Do not forget to bring your identity documents or Passport
Purifying pills: You need to buy pills to purify the water that comes from the streams, they say you can take it, but prevention is better.
Solar chargers: The road to Choquequirao has the most beautiful landscapes, I took his camera and took many photos.
Extra money: At the gates of reaching Choquequirao you will have to make a cash payment of your income, you can stay more than one day and there is no extra charge. If they go on tour, this price is already included.
Camping equipment: You must take all the camping equipment and a good sleeping bag.
Trekking poles: It is necessary that you carry some poles or a stick to be your support on the walk.
Trekking shoes: Good shoes with a good adze are necessary to withstand the difficult path.
Flashlights: If your intention is not to walk in the sun, then take a good flashlight since the road is cooler at dawn and it is the best time to advance without fatigue.
Clothing: Depending on the season in which you travel to Choquequirao you should wear light clothing or warm clothes, if you travel in the rainy season you should wear waterproof clothing.
Repellent: It is necessary that you carry a good repellent to combat mosquito bites.
Sunscreen: Do not forget to wear sunscreen since the ultraviolet rays are more intense than the Ceja de Selva.

Enjoy your trip

If you want to live a unique adventure come to the Choquequirao trek, we have the best team to make your trek unforgettable.

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