tips for traveling to choquequirao

Choquequirao is one of the most impressive destinations in Peru due to its complicated route since it is a 4-day journey which makes it a wonderful destination, Choquequirao is a place outside large crowds such as Machu Picchu, throughout the route, you will be able to enjoy nature, adventure and you will know the last bastion of the Incas.

The perfect team to get to Choquequirao

It is necessary to mention that Choquequirao is a place that is located on the edge of the jungle at 3033 meters above sea level, therefore the climate is warm during the day and frigid at night, for which the equipment that you must bring must be according to the time in which decide to travel, it is particularly advisable to travel in the dry season (April to November). Regarding the travel equipment that you should take for a 60-kilometer walk, they are the following:

The Backpack.- For the trek to Choquequirao it is necessary to carry a backpack, where its weight should not exceed 8 kilos. In it, you must pack everything you will need during the tour.
Camping Equipment.- It is essential that you bring tents and all the camping equipment since on the route to Choquequirao you will have to camp in different places where there is no lodging service except for the Marampata Spa where some lodging houses have already been built (Lodge ).
Food.- For the trip to Choquequirao you will need to buy fruits and non-perishable food for four days of walking, you can buy them in the town of San Pedro de Cachora.
Menagerie.- In the places where you will take a break and spend the night you will have to make your own food and you will have to bring your basic equipment to cook your food
Clothing.- Depending on the season in which you travel, it is recommended that you wear the appropriate clothing since the climate in Choquequirao is very changeable depending on where you are. If you travel during the dry season, it is recommended that you bring the following:

  • T-shirts or sweatshirts for the heat.
  • The waterproof coat for the night.
  • Long and short waterproof pants.
  • Wool stockings for the night.
  • Trekking shoes.
  • wide brim hats.

Accessories.- To travel to Choquequirao, you must also include all the necessary accessories such as the following:

  • Mosquito repellent and sunscreen will be necessary.
  • Photo cameras, video, and Flashlight.
  • Solar charger or external batteries for your devices.
  • Water purifier and pills since the water comes from the streams and mountains.
  • Pills for altitude sickness should be taken as a precaution due to the sudden change in height

Choquequriao on your own or by Agency?

Traveling to Choquequirao on your own is really quite a journey since you will have to put together the entire itinerary, food and above all carry the luggage, however, you also have the other option of hiring a tour since they have all the travel equipment and You will only have to take care of enjoying the trip and above all arriving from the archaeological site of Choquequirao without complications.

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