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Choquequirao Trek to Machu Picchu 7 Days 6 Nights

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Choquequirao is an Inca city that consists of many small sites that form a complex metropolis located on the top of the mountain of the same name.

This expedition will take you to two of the main archaeological sites in Peru: Choquequirao and Machu Picchu. Both citadels were considered noble cities and you will have the opportunity to know and explore each corner and its history that accompany this great journey that has left over time are still valid. These two cities mark the beginning and end of the great empire of the Incas that were abandoned by the Incas before their conquerors could arrive there and then discovered by explorers in expeditions in the Andes. Come to this walk and feel the true adventure of nature!

Details Tour Choquequirao and Machu Picchu 7 Days






We leave Cusco at 5 am on our bus in a 4-hour trip through the provinces of Anta, Limatambo, Cachora and finally to the Capuliyoc pass, located on the edge of the Apurimac Canyon, once there, we will meet the rest of the team (muleteers, cooks, etc.). Then we started walking for 2 and a half hours until we reach Chikiska where we will have our lunch. Then we continue our walk for 1 hour and a half more until we reach Rosalina Beach where we will spend our first night.

Time: approximately 5 hours of descent.
Meals: lunch, dinner
Minimum altitude 1500 meters above sea level Playa Rosalina
Maximum altitude: 2945 masl in Abra Capuliyoc
Distance traveled: 12km from Cachora – Playa Rosalina.
Climate: warm, Warm.


The first part of our day consists of a 5-hour ascent along a winding and narrow road. Our adventure begins crossing the bridge over the Apurimac River that separates the departments of Cusco and Apurimac. Halfway, we stop in the small towns of Santa Rosa Baja and Santa Rosa Alta for a short break; then we return to Maranpata where we will have lunch, from here we will have our first view of the Choquequirao complex. Then we continue walking for 2 hours more until Choquequirao, we will camp very close to the archaeological complex and we will be able to see the sunset and some condors flying.

Time: 7 hours of promotion approximately.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and dinner
Camp: Choquequirao 3100 masl
Minimum altitude 1500 meters above sea level Playa Rosalina
Maximum altitude: 3100 meters above sea level around choquequirao
Distance covered: 14km from Playa Rosalina – Choquequirao
Climate: Warm, Warm.
Climate: warm and cold at night.


Today you will have a guided tour to all the main sites of interest throughout Choquequirao and then you will have some free time to explore such as Parectapata, Paqchayoc, the farming platforms, and the llama sector. Choquequirao is one of the most extensive Inca sites that was discovered and a large part of it has not yet been excavated.

After lunch, we will start our way to the citadel of Machu Picchu. From the Choquequirao pass, we will descend to the Río Blanco valley below and camp on the Pinchinuyoc terraces.

Time: 3 hours of a visit to Choquequirao and 2 hours descent to Pinchinuyoc.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and dinner
Camp: Pinchinuyoc 2487 masl.
Minimum altitude: 2487 m above sea level Pinchinuyoc.
Maximum altitude: 3150 msnm Paso choquequirao.
Distance covered: 6 km Paso choquequirao – Pinchinuyoc.
Climate: Warm, Warm.


After a delicious and refreshing breakfast, we will continue descending through the valley until we reach the Blanco River where we will stop, making it a perfect place to take a refreshing dip and relieve tired muscles. After our bath, we will return to the opposite side of the valley and begin to ascend in the direction of our camp in Maizal, where we will spend the night.

Time: 2 hours of descent and 3 hours of ascent
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and dinner
Camp: Maizal 2891 masl.
Minimum altitude: 1990 meters above sea level Rio Blanco.
Maximum altitude: 2891 m Cornfield.
Distance covered: 16 km Pinchinuyoc – Maizal.
Climate: Warm, Warm.


After breakfast, we go out and walk uphill through a variety of ecological flats and go through the Victoria mines as well as some Inca Ruins before climbing another hour to the Victoria Pass. Where we can appreciate spectacular views. Then we will descend to the charming village of Yanama where we will say goodbye to our muleteers and cooks

Once we arrived in Yanama, we took the local transport to Lucmabamba. On the way, we will enjoy the beautiful views of the snow-capped mountains and the waterfalls.

Time: 3 hours of ascent and 2 hours of descent.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and dinner
Camp: Lucmabamba 1900msnm.
Minimum altitude: 2891 masl Corn.
Maximum altitude: 3130 meters above sea level Yanama
Distance traveled: 20 km Maizal – Lucmabamba.
Climate: Temperate, Cold


Today is the final stretch of the walk before reaching Aguas Calientes. Today’s main objective is a visit to the archaeological site of Llactapata, perched on top of a mountain. Following an original and new Inca Trail, from early we will arrive at Llactapata and visit each of its beautiful enclosures until noon where we can enjoy the fantastic views of the archaeological site and we can also appreciate Machu Picchu from afar.

After a tour of Llactapata, we will go to the hydroelectric station from where we will take our train to Aguas Calientes where we will stop the night in our hotel.

Time: 3 hours of walking – half an hour by train.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and dinner
Hotel: Aguas Calientes 1900msnm.
Minimum altitude: 2050 masl Aguas Calientes.
Maximum altitude: 2700 masl Llactapata.
Distance traveled: 9 km Lucmabamba – Llactapata.
Climate: Temperate, Cold.


Upon waking up early, we will take the first bus to the Inca city of Machu Picchu. Our guide will give you a guided tour of 2 hours through the site during which you will visit all the most important areas of the citadel. After your tour, you will have free time to explore the site yourself. At the end of the tour of the citadel, we will return by bus to Aguas Calientes. In the afternoon, you will take the train back to Ollantaytambo from where you will continue by bus back to Cusco.

Note: The entrance to Machu Picchu will depend on the type of ticket that was reserved, remember that there are two types of entrance tickets to Machu Picchu.

Informative talk one day before the start of the walk.
Entrance tickets to Choquequirao.
Pick up from the hotel.
Transportation: From Cusco to the start of the hike (Capuliyoc).
Transportation: Return of the walk from Choquequirao to Cusco.
Professional bilingual guide.
Personal tents: 2 people in each tent to allow more comfort
Camping equipment: dining room and kitchen tents, tables, chairs.
Inside the stores: mattress or mattresses.
Accommodation: 4 nights in tent (camping).
Horses: to take the camping equipment and all your personal luggage (7 kg).
vCook: In charge of preparing all meals throughout the trip.
Food: 4 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 4 dinners and snacks.
First aid kit including emergency oxygen bottle.

Breakfast the first day.
Dinner on the last day.
Trekking sticks.
Sleeping bags.
Emergency horses.
Rain ponchos.
Extra expenses.
Travel insurance.

What To Bring:
Original passport
Sleeping bag.
Mountain boots and sandals (very important).
Trekking sticks.
Warm clothes: layers of variable temperatures, especially at night. Thermal / gloves / scarves: wool socks and shirts for the whole walk
Headlight (very important).
Camera and spare batteries.
Sunscreen / hat and sunglasses.
Personal medical kit.
Insect repellent.
Rain clothes: a good raincoat and rain pants and a plastic rain poncho.
Toilet paper.
Small towel.
Extra money for drinks and tips, souvenirs, etc.
Water bottle.

The Price per person are subject to the service:

Exclusive 2 people $ 1150.00/ by people
  3 people $ 1100.00/ by people



Start of the tour: 04:00 am pick up at your respective hotel.
The beginning of the Walk: Capuliyoc to 3000m
Choquequirao Height: 3105m
Distance from Capuliyoc – Choquequirao: 29 km approx.
Type of Tour: Trekking, Cultural and Adventure.
Level of Difficulty: 4 on a scale of 1 to 5.
Best Season: Dry season between the months of April to November.
Duration of the tour: 7 Days / 6 Nights
Acclimatization: We recommend being in Cusco 1 day before the tour.
Climate: Choquequirao enjoys a temperate climate. However, it should be noted that the road to Choquequirao is warm due to the Apurímac canyon.
Location: Area located in the Cordillera de Vilcabamba
Other activities: Trekking and walking, cultural tours and visits to places of

What can I find on the road to Choquequirao?

  • In Choquequirao you can breathe tranquility, peace, and harmony with nature and the best if you have a bit of luck you can see condors and the spectacled bear.
  • This walk is ideal for those tourists looking to explore the Andes in the mountains of Cusco and visit one of the most beautiful Inca buildings in America.
  • It is a monumental archaeological park, the final refuge of the Incas before the Spanish invasion
  • Its amazing Inca architecture shows similarities to Machu-Picchu, the big difference is that it was not the center from where the Inca controlled and observed his empire, it was his ceremonial center where they made offerings.
  • Choquequirao is a beautiful place, to be outdoors, on a steep mountain, to see how the Incas built this magnificent fortress.
  • Choquequirao is made up of buildings and terraces distributed in different levels, from the lowest level Sunch’u Pata to the highest truncated top, which was leveled and surrounded with stones to form a platform with an approximate area of 150 square meters.
  • Choquequirao is an unmissable trip for true lovers of trekking.

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