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Choquequirao is a historical and ecological sanctuary known as the sister of Machu Picchu due to its structural and architectural similarities. Its recent excavations have aroused the interest of tourists from all over the world and the Peruvian government to further restore the complex and turn it into a tourist power to be visited and learn more about the Inca culture.

Attractions in the archaeological site of Choquequirao


Choquequirao is divided into nine zones. Among the main attractions is the large plaza (Huaqaypata), from where you can see most of the Choquequirao buildings.
To discover the other attractions we have to follow the road to the deposits (Qolqa), then to the lower plaza (Hurin), you will also be able to appreciate the system of cultivation platforms (Chaqra Anden), the ceremonial platform (Ushno) and the house of the priests at the bottom of the hill.

Choquequirao main square

Choquequirao has multiple two-story buildings with niches inside and also some doors and niches made with double jambs and irrigation canals.
The material for its construction was used from the quarries that are located in the upper part of the mountain. It was discovered that there are 22 recordings on these stones with figures of llamas such as “Llamas del Sol” placed on 15 platforms in the direction of the snowy Quory Hauyrachina, Choquequirao also has a large and efficient system of platforms that helped in the agricultural use of the slopes of Choquequirao. the hills, and that currently, in the eyes of visitors, look like flats carpeted by the vegetation of the area.
plaza principal choquequirao

Choquequirao Citadel

Paintings and cemeteries traces of paintings and tombs have been found that would confirm that Choquequirao was also a ceremonial and sacrificial center.
For this reason, it is presumed that Choquequirao was a great political and economic center, which was among the last places that were inhabited by the Incas.
Choquequirao platforms
ciudadela choquequirao

Biodiversity in Choquequirao

We can mention that the environment of Choquequirao is one of the most biologically megadiverse. All these species of flora and fauna were adjusting to the difficult geography of the area despite having drastic climatic changes during the day and night. The fauna of this place is made up mainly of the condor, eagles, vizcachas, deer, foxes, skunks, pumas, hummingbirds, spectacled bears and the echidna. Among its flora, giant ferns, ichu and a great variety of orchids stand out. as well as snakes, lizards, and various insects that make traveling to Choquequirao a great experience.

Recommendations before traveling to Choquequirao

If you are planning to travel to Choquequirao it is recommended that you bring the following items.

  1. Bring a good camera.
  2. Warm clothes for the nights.
  3. Trekking shoes.
  4. trekking poles
  5. Purifying pills.
  6. Camping equipment.
  7. Nuts and sweets for the road.
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